How to stop engine from burning oil


It is a good oil and that additive keeps them from burning oil. You smell oil burning (a thick, acrid odor): First, check the oil dipstick. If you are seeing Blue Smoke From Your Exhaust this means that your car engine is burning oil. 3 GM engine burning oil There can be few things as frustrating as driving along from oil change to oil change and gradually realizing that your truck is going through more oil than a deep-fryer during the lunch rush. 5. When it does, the smoking will stop. Wrap packing cellophane around the connectors, sensors and wiring harnesses and secure with duct tape. There is some oil residue looking down the throttle body. If your engine is buying oil it has worn Pennzoil High Mileage oil has additives to enhance the performance of the engine and to keep the rubber seals strong so they stay flexible instead of becoming brittle. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that adding oil is a substitute for changing oil, but it's not. It is especially effective in older engines with worn components and can be used in petrol, LPG and diesel engines. i give it 2 big now i actually need to drain some of the oil because its a little overfull. install a windage tray to prevent oil from being sprayed on the deactivated cylinders chemically clean the carbon from engine install new rings I may have left out a step. All oils, diesel and gas fuels contain sulfur. it used to just Putting a Stop to Oil Consumption through the PCV Valve Background Info on the PCV System The PCV is an emissions device that allows the pressure and corrosive gasses in the crankcase to vent, without venting these harmful gasses to the environment. Wiki User 08/28/2011. This stuff is amazing. My oil was full on the dipstick and I checked it yesterday and it was almost down to half on the dip stick and it almost always seems to be worse on a trip compared to around the town driving. Engine burning oil. com. You are helping a lot of people. The non-detergent oil will let deposits clog up the small gaps. You said the smoke starts a minute or so after starting the engine suggesting the smoke comes after things get hot. my 2004 frontier with 110k just went a couple days ago. The additive is specifically formulated to stop and seal oil leaks that are caused by normal engine wear and age. The gasket is inexpensive and the replacement requires removal of the oil filter housing assembly (about a 2 to 4 hour job). its not leaking (no spots on the ground in my garage) or burning (no smoke out the tail pipes). Best Answer: Any car burning oil will fail an mot. 4. This causes the oil to blowback into the engine. One quart of oil between oil changes is considered normal and not excessive. Never run the car more than a single quart low. Add it to your engine oil every 6,000 miles to prevent additional leaks. Toyota will pay for the test to be performed twice) that the engine is burning oil in excess of the limit. If it burning oil only on start up then it should be a worn valve seat. I would avoid using the higher viscosity oil for now. Runs fine and smokes? Make sure you have only 1qt of oil in the engine. So I took it to a shop and they pulled the codes and all it brought up was 1 for "aftermarket 1 diesel catalyst system" and 1 for a "face plugged". 3-liter engine is a failure of the valve cover to seal, which can cause heavy oil burn. Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site ("Posts") comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts. Common culprits that result in burning oil include worn valve stems, guides and seals, and piston rings, all of which can allow oil to seep into combustion chambers. While these areas are clean, there will be fewer carbon deposits and less oil will be consumed. In fact, when your engine is regularly running low on oil, the remaining oil is working even harder. Does original oil filter help engine to stop burning oil? 1 2 3. The higher the volatility rate, the more oil disappears from the engine. Most emissions testers measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and unburned gasoline. Leave this problem unattended for too long and leaking oil could damage the oxygen sensors or cause gaskets to break down. Worst of all, the engine will try to consume more oil to make up for the lost oil from the leak. In all seriousness the engine will probably run for many, many more miles. No oil staining on driveway, on bottom of engine, and no blue smoke detected at start up or when running. He/she should fill out a form with all you information and attach that to the repair order. A leak will usually be accompanied by smoke and a burning odor. Bar’s Leaks new Professional Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair ends the oil guessing game, because it is a single product guaranteed to permanently stop all engine oil loss caused by leaks, over-consumption and burning, the company says. Replace the valve seals; Best 'additive' for an oil-burning engine would be whatever 15w40 HDEO is on sale. I’ve got a 2005 GMC Savannah with almost 300k. While you can monitor oil changes can by the car's odometer or by the calendar, it is more difficult to tell if your car is burning oil. RE: Burning Oil in 2000 4. The amount of oil being burned might cause a bluish tinge to your exhaust. This does not pass the sniff test with me. If the rings are the issue it would smoke at start-up. Step 2. On a V-8 or V-6 engine, the valve covers are at an angle, and the oil accumulates at the bottom of the valve cover. I have links about this issue, one of them coming right from Toyota, that I will post as soon as I can. These leaks can occur at the valve cover gasket, filter and housing, as well as the front and rear main oil seals. Was the engine you removed pumping a lot of oil? Perhaps the exhaust is full of oil and it needs time to burn out. This is unacceptiable. If I were you I would check autosafety. We talk to customers every day about this, so we know a thing or two about the problem, its cause, and how to fix it chemically. I rode it for about a year just dumping oil in it. Driving with a blown head gasket can easily ruin the engine, leading to costly repairs. How much to fix and will it pass an MOT? My 6 year old Smart car i've owned for 2 years is burning oil, not a huge amount of smoke is coming out the exhaust but oil only lasts about a month before it needs refilled. it used to just Have the oil and filter changed then put in the oil and instead of one quart of new oil, put a quart of Lucas engine oil treatment and then drive it a while. Even so, newer engines shouldn’t burn much oil. The high detergent HDEO may help free rings as well. I would say this indicates the engine still has good compression which means the rings, cylinders, and valves are all sealing properly, which could only mean the valve guides are the cause Jud, Most common reason for small engine to all of a sudden to start burning oil is an over filled crank case. My 1993 corolla with 274,000 miles has been burning a quart of oil every 500+ miles. https://lucasoil. Rings don't stick unless there is a reason. Your engine will still smoke for about 5 minutes and then should clean up. The first visit the technician will top off the oil level to the full mark, put some tamper resistant marks/tape on the engine drain hole, dipstick and oil cap. Marvel Mystery oil used to be an old time fix it did not work either. somewhere in your system, when it draws on to the exhaust system or into the engine, it will burn. #5 – Pennzoil High Mileage Motor Oil. This will contribute to oil burning. Pull the spark plug wires off one spark plug. Some of the first patented oil stop leak products were basically castor oil containing ground nut shells. You can try soaking the piston rings with seafoam to clear them up but usually the engine needs a tear down and a good cleaning. It works with all types of gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage or synthetic oil. Like Caddyman said, service the entire PCV system. How to fix a car engine that burns oil DIY with Scotty Kilmer. XL Nanonlube works with all engines. HOW TO STOP OIL BURNING IN YOUR CAR, TRUCK, BOAT OR TRACTOR! Keep Old You won't have to pay $500 to $740 for major repairs or a new engine. Some customers have been dealing with GM for years on the oil consumption issue. Originally Answered: What should I add to the engine to stop it burning oil ? If the engine is diesel, 1–2 pound sugar will be enough to stop consuming oil. The motor burned some oil for the first couple rides after top end rebuild but did seal up. To do this, you can visually check your engine and follow the oil stream to the highest point where it stops. There was no smoke at start up and hardly any soot in the exhaust. I believe before this MMO test, the car was burning around 1 quart every 2000 miles or so. Do you own a 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 JKJeep Wrangler that you have to add at least a quart or more of oil within 1500 miles or less on your fresh oil change. Average failure mileage is 131,000 miles. This contributes to higher than normal crankcase pressure carrying oil droplets (again via the PCV) to the intake and on toward the combustion chamber to burn. Thanks. May 14, 2019 We Can Fix Engine Oil Leak – Find a Meineke Shop Nearby oil is leaking, it can get in contact with hot engine surfaces, which means it will burn, Regardless of the specific cause, it is urgent to stop an oil leak, so take your  Aug 10, 2017 The "Northstar" engine they used in these cars is known for burning oil. 7L IP: Logged Message: I'm having the same problem with my 2001 Dakota 4. The PCV system may be clogged, which makes it inoperable. WTF Honda, ya make good gas mile cars, but burn the fcuk out of oil. Rislone, Helping Your Engine  Oil is designed to help keep the engine's moving parts lubricated and cool. Clean up that oil with a couple of filters, preferably a hydraulic filter and then a fuel filter. To fix this problem check the engine oil level. org under class actions and I think all will become clear. because of positive and negative pressure waves in the exhaust, i can see the engine sucking in debris from the cat and because it's ceramic it eats the rings. The manufacturer claims that the product will not clog oil filters, as it does not contain particles. Lucas Oil Stabilizer stops blowby dead in its tracks! 5mpg increase in fuel economy! I recently decided to try some Lucas brand oil stabilizer. So If you have this problem please sign this petition. • Incorrect oil level or improper reading of the oil level indicator With the vehicle on a level surface, run the engine for a few minutes, allow adequate drain down time (2-3 minutes) and check for the correct engine oil level. Already F1 engine burns a lot of oil, some 3-5l may be used during a race, this  17 Jun 2017 Does your car have a drinking problem with engine oil? Is the manufacturer with engine oil? Is the manufacturer brushing you off as your car burns oil between services? . 3 min after adding a bottle of this Engine Magic you call Stop Leak and my oil pressure is right back to where it should be. i added the CD-2 Engine Oil Stop Leak/Heavy Duty Sealer to my oil 500+ miles ago and ive yet to burn any oil!!! my dipstick is still slightly above full! this NEVER happened with any of the other ones i tried. Some times a faulty needle and seat or fuel shut off solenoid can stick open, allowing gas to flood into the crank case overfilling it, thinning oil and allowing it to burn very easily. Any help would be  Rislone's Award Winning Engine Smoke Repair Product Stops Blue Exhaust Smoke, Reduces Oil Burning and more. Let it sit overnight, drain and refill with fresh oil. Today’s market presents directional additives (to stop smoke and to stop leak) and general (to resolve many problems, including those mentioned above). Our Ring Seal Smoke Repair is formulated to help stop blue exhaust smoke, reduce oil burning and prevent plug fouling caused by blow-by. No visible leaks and adding approx. Something that happens quite often in a piston powered engine is the rings align or become closely aligned that extra compression gets into the crankcase, thus the blowby is carrying liquids (engine oil) into the breather hose leading into the breather. You can try ARX or MMO or [censored] or BBQ to free stuck rings, but 1 quart/OCI isn't terrible. If you start to smell burning oil coming from your engine you need to figure out where it is coming from before you continue driving. Within 250 miles or three days, they claim the leak will be a thing of the past. This is a small and somewhat annoying leak due to the fact it drips onto the exhaust and causes that oil burning smell and sometimes visible smoke coming from the right front side of the car. When this is the case, the oil will then burn off, creating smoke. An old engine guy told me to use non-detergent oil in an old engine to stop smoking, for a while at least. It should also cool the engine, smooth its functioning and reduce engine noise. Helps maintain cleanliness of the engine oil; Wynns stop smokeStop smoke synthetic lengthy chain polymer system will lessen exhaust smoke from burning oil , Enhance compression and effectiveness , restore lost ability , manage cleanliness of the motor oil , decrease motor noise and be harmless with catalytic convertors and turbochargers. In this article we'll cover all the details about a motor thats burning so you can avoid overspending on engine repairs. What Causes an Engine to Burn Oil? While it's natural to assume any oil consumption indicates an engine problem, it can be a normal part of engine operation, depending on the vehicle. The Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak will lower the rate of oil consumption in your engine. Subaru owners complain of engine failure, high oil consumption The company says burning oil is normal; get to know your dipstick. My wife’s Chrysler Pacifica Limited uses up a lot of oil. In the notice, Toyota instructs technicians to replace the piston assembly which will fix the problem of the engine burning too much oil. Of course with more wear on the engine, that seepage tends to increase. The valve seals like to leak, and the oil rings hold oil then burn it and than cannot let oil drain so it continues to burn it. When a gas or diesel engine idles, even with a new engine fuel will gradually seep down the cylinder walls and dilute oil. If valve guides are worn, oil gets into the cylinder and burns. However, what is not commonly known is that burning oil can also be caused by internal engine components that are damaged. The second . Oil leaks can also occur if you add too much oil to the crankcase, or if the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system clogs, which causes pressure to build inside the engine. How can you stop your car from burning oil I was told alemite CD-2 but I cant find it help please? If your engine is burning oil due to age and wear, there is no cure, short of an overhaul. return to the motor its power lost, by time. 4000 kms for the oil check light to blink again but I need a solution now. It just needs to burn off any remaining oil in the carburetor. But you should know that there are many variables that can cause the engine to start burning oil. How to Stop Oil From Burning in an ATV. The rest will normally burn off as you drive the car. Why you see Blue Smoke From Exhaust. com/supplements/2009/engines-of- growth/. Ask a Mechanic Online. This will cost thousands of dollars. go back to regular oil. The solution works by swelling the rubber in the seals and restoring them to their original state of flexibility and size. The old timer's used to try that trick by the time our machine shop got the engine it look as if some one had run a rat tail file down the cylinders bores. Started burning oil so I installed a new 935 top end from Nate at alba. Saturn's like to burn oil. In addition, the best oil additive for burning oil and to stop smoking, accomplish the function of sealants and can eliminate leaks on heavily worn out engines. Get someone to stand behind your car, or if you stand behind your car get them to hit the throttle up to about 2500rpm and you should notice a cloud of smoke. The engine burns no oil between changes and no smoke is visible from the exhaust. As a result  Jul 11, 2013 This failed to eliminate the problem. The reason you do not see smoke is you will only see it at 2000rpm and above. Check your oil levels frequently by reading the dipstick or looking at the oil level window, depending on what type of oil gauge you have for your brand of ATV. Sea Foam is an environmentally friendly oil additive which is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. I heard Click & Clack on CT today, 10/25/2014, suggest to a caller to remove the spark plugs and put pellets (from JC Whitney) into the cylinders to stop engine smoke and losing oil. Old Engine – The first five years of your engine’s life will be the best years. Every time the piston strokes it leaves some oil on the cylinder wall and that oil gets burned. RAY: Finally, keep changing the oil regularly. Best 'additive' for an oil-burning engine would be whatever 15w40 HDEO is on sale. Burning oil at idle. More importantly, the oil won’t be able to adequately lubricate the components of the engine because it’s not fresh clean oil. Honda suggests burning 1 quart of oil every thousand miles is when all 6 cylinders are not needed to keep the vehicle in motion. In fewer instances of oil consumption, it can be an issue of the engine burning the oil. seems to burn 2 quarts of oil between oil changes (3000 mile oil changes) the truck does not show hints of burning oil at all, and it does not leak oil. I got her checked for leaks but none were found. It would also cause a distinctive oily smell (think weed whacker exhaust). Meanwhile, the oil pressure will increase to enhance the engine performance. 0 Mustang. If the car has a poor oil change record from new (too few oil changes for both miles and time) higher piston ring wear will be one of the results of neglect. Engine was clean and this was found when I had maybe 50K miles on it after an injector failed. 8 SOHC non turbo engine. Took it apart again. This is a shameless plug for an AMSOIL Product. Inoperative valve seals. If your engine currently uses a 5W-20, switch to a 5W-30 or maybe a 10E030 oil. If the car is burning  severity of the leak, the first thing you may notice is the engine oil level decreasing. But automakers  20 Jun 2018 10 Signs That Your Engine Needs an Oil Change or Maintenance Engine oil creates an atoms-thin layer between moving parts, preventing full . i've been running mobil1 5w-30, mostly to be able to go longer between oil changes. An older low mileage engine can also suffer from valve stem seal failure and guide oil leakage. I do know that you have two chances to prove (i. Will be adding a quart with every oil change. The oil pressure would drop so low at idle that the light came on. If the car is burning oil you’ll notice some blue smoke from the exhaust pipe either when starting the motor, or accelerating from a stop. So when the fuel ignites the oil does as well, and then expels it out as exhaust. It is extremely common to have oil seeps from a valve cover on just about every car with over 30,000 miles. Try moving up one viscosity grade the next time you change oil. Checking the engine oil every 500 miles is a good practice to get a read of how much oil an engine is consuming. It's a cheap, temporary fix. A ballpark number for oil consumption on a new engine might be a quart of oil during initial break-in. Your mix needs to be 50:1 or 50 parts gas to 1 part oil. Clean oil and frequent changes can help, along with a bit of moderately loaded driving once the engine is warm. Spark plugs will become fouled by oil, turning on the Check Engine light . The best way is to check your engine oil level at frequent intervals. Inspect the valve cover (s)--there may be one or two--on the engine for oil leaks. The rate of evaporation is measured as volatility. By the time a warning light comes on, it's probably too late. If your lucky you’ll find an external oil leak. If it's black, it means you are running rich  25 Aug 2018 My 2016 Sorento burns a lot of oil. So the question is: How much are you burning? Are you burning so  When the engine is burning oil, this can cause a significant impact on its Running the engine for short distances may also prevent fuel evaporation. A Recurring Problem. Chrysler says it must use at least 1 quart within a 1000 miles. • External oil leaks -- Refer to Oil Leak Diagnosis . 6 ounces two stroke oil to one gallon of gas. Use a spark plug wrench to remove the spark plug. The only real way to stop oil burning is to disassemble the engine and overhaul whatever part of it is allowing the oil into the combustion chambers. Changing the spark plug at the same time would not hurt. As long as its just the oil in the exhaust burning, your best bet is to take it up the motorway 'vigorously' and heat up the exhaust enough to burn it off. I'm not a fan of these products, but have been told they could work to get the car to stop billowing blue smoke for the MoT. The first engine oil stop leaks worked mainly by clogging up the hole where the oil was leaking from. Persian Gulf War Oil Spill 1991 Cadillac Car Burning Oil: Causes & Treatment How To Stop A Car From Burning Oil Car Burning Oil And Sending Smoke Out The Exhaust How To Fix A Car Engine That Burns Oil For 10 Bucks 5 Symptoms Of Wrong Engine Oil In Your Car (Should You Worry? Archoil AR9100 Best Oil Additive to stop lifter noise is suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel engines (including Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke). When this happens they burn oil. Black smoke refers to unburnt fuel, which means that the engine fails to burn one or two combustion catalyst. When the oil in the exhaust leaks out, it will make the car smell of oil or we usually call – burning oil smell. This would explain the mechanic finding the burning oil issue and you seeing oil dripping to the ground. should i go back to regular oil? a high mileage oil? thicker oil? engine has 80k miles on it. I added an engine oil additive which definitely helped and it took about 5 months and approx. 0 1MZ-FE V6 that was more prone to burning oil than the same engine from an earlier vintage. Step 3. Best solution: prevention. Whether you have oil that is fully synthetic, petroleum, or partially synthetic, this additive will work well with it. If you smell burning, see leakage under your car or, even worse, notice a cloud of black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, it is an indication that engine oil is being burned. Never overfill it. Answer. You should then return to have the oil consumption checked within 1100-1300 miles. I recently switched from st oil and filter to a half and half mixture of autozone 5w30 and meijers high mileage 10w40 with a Toyota oem extra long filter. There's no "engine turning to crap" oil-burning detector in the emissions tests yet. I am having the same problem with my 2009 Camry 4 cylinder engine. my engine runs great too. I just head the head rebuilt and i thought that was going to take care of the problem, but it didnt. Using a torque wrench helps avoid over-tightening. In most cases, the oil leak will be repaired with a single dose. Increased oil waste (burn); Possible burnout of valves. Toyota and Lexus 3. 6 items New! Engine oil treatment to stop oil burning offer car truck tractor, even motorcycle owners more advantages to put off overhaul, extend motor life. They explained that it coats the cylinder walls with metal thereby convincing me they weren’t joking. meed. It won’t last long, and the best thing you can do is allow the engine to keep running and burn off the excess – turning off the engine just means it will smoke when you start it up again. Dec 6, 2016 If any engine on any vehicle burns enough oil to have to top it up up to customers is just a way of someone avoiding an expensive repair. Burning oil smell in car. It is a wise decision. Drain the engine oil in the car that's burning oil. A knocking or ticking noise from your engine is a sign that something is wrong, usually because of a lack of oil. Sometimes switching to a higher viscosity oil or using an additive with the oil can reduce the oil consumption. My integra runs great when it has oil in it, now is bogging, check engine light came back on, and checked oil and its low. Maineah. Gray or bluish smoke means the leaking of engine oil into the internal combustion chamber. Please be advised that under optimum driving conditions, using one quart of oil every 2000 miles is acceptable. These are the years when the engine will need the Problem Description. In addition to stopping existing leaks, it can help prevent future problems by conditioning and restoring engine gaskets and seals. Wynns Stop Smoke Oil Treatment 325m available online at halfords. The first engine oil sealant formulas were designed to clog the hole through which the oil was leaking. 2002 QX4 with 102k miles. The only concern that is an easy fix is a replacement PCV valve. To diagnose an engine oil problem where the car seems to use too much oil, begin by checking for the best case scenario first. I changed my oil, added two bottles/quarts of the stablilizer and then the rest with 15W40. The oil rings carboning are as a result of something wrong in the design or factory clearances, but what. '”. Oil is a lubricant used in combustion engines to prevent  QUESTION: What are the dangers of operating an engine with high oil During cruise, I'm told to keep increasing the RPM as my cruising altitude is causes of excessive oil consumption other than the burning of oil due to high engine time? 6 Mar 2017 2008 & 2013 Honda 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines have an oil consumption problem. Now I don’t want to count oil that’s “blown out the breather tube so I put seven quarts of oil in the sump after the airplane had sat for a day, or so, without being used. Brand: Heavier oil can help high-mileage engines. A friend was telling me that in Germany there was a recall for minis prior to the facelift model in order to solve this oil burning issue. Blue smoke is a clear sign your car engine is burning oil. Engine Burning Oil Problems of Mini Cooper S Mini Cooper S owners have reported 11 problems related to engine burning oil (under the engine and engine cooling category). of engine oil to the piston head keep it for 2 days and observe let me know if this trick applies to your problem. 6L engine may develop excessive oil consumption. An experiment with a oily filter would show you if you are running that much oil through the engine. I'm sorry to hear that this has happened and just want to add that the threshold for the repair is that your engine use more than 1qt of oil in 1,200 miles. Consider "steam cleaning" your engine to make it easier to spot oil leaks. Was this answer helpful? If the engine is pushed too aggressively, the piston walls can get too scratched up, leading to oil burning issues in the future. First, determine if your oil is or bend the valve covers. I've changed the oil in this truck religously for 10 yrs. Most of them have additives to control this sulfur and keep the transmission and the engine protected. The fix for an engine that is burning oil is usually to hone the cylinder and put in a new set of rings sized to the new dimension. The lawsuit claims that the engines were prone to rapidly burning through oil just as they approached warranty expiration, causing owners thousands of dollars in repair costs. Filed in California federal court, the complaint alleges the defect can cause safety risk that can lead to catastrophic engine failure. How to fix and repair an oil burning engine for 10 bucks. The ground shells would flow to the point of the leak and then clog the hole. I’ve done that before and some cars stopped burning oil entirely. If you find a spill, wipe off as much as you can with rags. For the “check oil level” warning to come on, you were likely down about 3 quarts out of 5. Solutions for the 5. Isuzu makes plenty of good engines without that problem and some of them are aluminum like the 3. Spray degreaser on your engine, chassis and suspension and let sit for the time specified in the instructions. The ground shells would mix with the oil and flow to the leak point where they would literally clog the hole to stop the leak. The Truth About Engine Oil Consumption FACT: Subaru designed today's engines to operate longer between oil changes. With this oil in your engine, you will have fewer leaks, reduced oil sludge, and a longer life for your engine. Oil smoke after snapping the throttle shut after a period of high throttle running under load indicates valve guide wear or worn valve guide seals . You should check the oil when your vehicle is on a level surface and cold, or you can let it sit for five to 10 minutes after driving it — say, at every other gas fill-up. first oil consumption Right now I need to get through this with the oil loss because every few days the oil is burning and we are pumping oil into the engine. At the dealership I work at a number or Northstar Caddy's fail emission tests due to high HC's due to burning oil(you can fix this BTW buy switching to synthetic oil wink wink). Replace the spark plug and wire. If your car is burning oil, it needs to be addressed soon and not ignored. It is most common to smell the oil burning at a stop light, or just after you shut off your engine. 4 quarts between oil changes is excessive and if it is not leaking out some where it is being burnt. Also check your coolant though, since it's possible for oil to enter the coolant system if seals (such as a head gasket) are broken. No Leak Engine Oil Stop Leak is a solution that’s guaranteed to stop engine oil leakages. If there is oil leaking somewhere in the engine and it is not on your driveway then it's being burned internally somewhere and burning oil leaves a nasty buildup behind that's bound to choke an Albin, the father, or Justin, the son? Could it be somewhat HARMFUL to disobey GM’s engineers and use a heavier oil in summer? Will it “sludge up” the engine, as Albin suggested? Or, as Justin suggested, in warmer months, might the heavier oil be less likely to burn and be more likely to keep the engine well-lubricated longer? Best 'additive' for an oil-burning engine would be whatever 15w40 HDEO is on sale. This leads to premature spark plug degredation and engine malfunction. Thank you for asking about your Honda CR-V. 3 GM engine burning oil that can keep your pickup running is a failure of the valve cover to seal, which can cause heavy oil burn. As a result  If you keep checking your oil over and over, it is very likely to seem odd. I had the head reworked with brass guides and new seals. From time to time oil seals or gaskets may leak due to excessive wear and tear, or exposure to extreme heat. The engine will burn oil if the oil gets up into and past the piston ring and ring belt areas. The engine check light is on so I took it to the auto shop to get it checked out and the employee there told me to contact Toyota since there was a recall on the 2009 Camry engine. The gasket that sits between the engine block and cylinder head can “blow,” leading to coolant leaking into the oil or exhaust fumes being pushed into the coolant system. If you're questioning what is normal engine noise, I may have the answer. Wynn's Stop Smoke Oil Treatment Product description The Wynn's Stop Smoke Oil Treatment is an oil soluble supplement, designed to reduce exhaust smoke due to oil burning. One common problem is if the cylinder walls are allowing oil to leak up from the bottom of the engine, past the piston and into the combustion chamber. No, the oil filter only filters the oil of any contaminates. I am assuming this is normal since the car requires 8 quarts of super-light 5W-20 oil (like they designed the oil pan to be larger because the engine naturally burns a lot of oil)? Bad Quality Oil – If you use the wrong type of oil in your engine, or your oil has accumulated a lot of debris and dirt, then it will start to burn. Now, in all probability, you won't have to junk that "old friend". saw the oil burning in a sentra i did a head job on. If your engine is buying oil it has worn internal parts and no matter what filter you use it will continue to use oil. Looking for some advice on oil burning on the blue hdi 100 engine if anyone knows. Drive it like you stole it–hard–for a week–and change the oil again. Using a steam cleaner, eliminate any grease or hardened dirt. A car may be burning oil for a few different reasons. Feb 9, 2018 It lubricates the moving parts inside the engine, preventing harmful metal-to- metal There are many downsides to an engine that burns oil. If it is a gasoline engine, sugar work there too, but you should try maintenance (and a garage tour) first. Thing is you have to be very religious about using it every oil change and be sure to change your oil on a strict regular basis. Anyone with a small-block, turbocharged four-cylinder engine probably needs to make it a habit to check the oil -- with the dipstick, not relying on the dashboard lights -- every week or so. This could cause the engine  When the engine is burning oil, this can cause a significant impact on its Running the engine for short distances may also prevent fuel evaporation. You need to replace the PCV valve. The break-in procedure is very simple. The oil is going back into the engine through the air intake system. I have a 2011 5. Worn ones will let oil suck up past the valve. I may be a 60 year old woman but I am not Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair’s no-hassle formula can be added when the oil is low or during an oil change. Get the engine good and hot. 3L burning oil To diagnose an engine oil problem where the car seems to use too much oil, begin by checking for the best case scenario first. When sulfur gets mixed with the moisture in the engine, it produces acid. The most recently reported issues are listed below. CD-2 Engine Sealer to stop oil burning my stock honda d15b2 still runs perfect a 150,000 no smoke dosent burn oil hondas are beetchin trans is fucked up good Effectively stops oil burning and protects against engine wear; Restores compression and engine power to improve performance; Safe to use in gas or diesel engines and will not harm plastic or Teflon components; Compatible with all types and grades of motor oil, including synthetics 02 Reg Smart Car engine burning oil. I overheated it bad and it started burning oil again. Engine oil leaks can be caused by a variety of things, but most oil leaks are caused by either degraded engine gaskets or a bad oil seal. The smell of oil in the car is a thing nobody wants when driving. If an engine is burning oil, it is most often noticeable when starting the car while the engine is cold or when quickly accelerating from a stop. Have the engine rebuilt. Stop leak swells seals. Firstly, congratulations and thank you on this great web site. I purchased my 2001 Lexus RX300 six months ago from a buick dealership and I have no history as far as maintenance on this vehicle. Remove the valve cover by loosening the bolts. Also, if the oil cap or dipstick is not seated properly it can cause the engine to smoke. What I hate the most is shutting of the air (heat or AC) when I come to a stop, just so I do not have to smell it! If you tip the mower so that the spark plug is up, then you should have no more problem. When this happens the piston oil control rings stop working because the oil is to thin and it washes by the rings and into the combustion chamber. The harder you run your engine, the hotter the oil gets, causing some of it to evaporate. viii • Burning Oil to Keep Cool: The Hidden Energy Crisis in Saudi Arabia reforms and tariffs, see http://www. Since it is 100% petroleum based, it will be good for both your engine and the outside surroundings. If you smell the oil on the car, stop the car and RE: Burning Oil in 2000 4. The process of combustion carbonizes oil deposits on piston tops and combustion chamber surfaces. (not talking about leaks) 1. The mechanic says he will have to take the engine apart to see why it is burning oil and then repair and put the engine back together. It is easy to tell if your car needs tires, and if the brakes are bad, the car will not stop as it should or will make a noise. Change the oil using 5W20. Burning oil can eventually contaminate the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. 1) Sea Foam SF16. Below are the top 10 best oil additives to stop car engine knocking, especially for older engines. I was using 3 quarts 5w30 oil and added 1/2 quart of MMO. 2. Also this condition can occur when the oil level is normal if the engine is under heavy load for a long period of time. It is most common to smell the oil burning at a stop light, or just after you shut off your engine. Reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning; Improves the viscosity properties of the oil at high oil temperatures; Seals the gaps between worn engine components; Improves compression and engine performance; Reduces engine noise; Ensures a strong protective oil film under high temperature conditions One reason for this high oil consumption is oil volatility. Even though the engine performs really well and throws loads of steam in the morning, the car is burning oil though slowly. Some of these engines had the dipstick marked wrong! Also check your valve guides and seals. Engine oil is supposed to be contained inside the engine. try buying a blowby additive that you can purchase from a local car parts dealer , read the label and mix it with engine oil and see the oil level after sometimes 2. Valve guides prevent engine oil from leaking into the combustion chamber from the top where oil lubricates the valve guides. To form a good seal, the ring grooves must be true and flat, not flared or shouldered, and the rings must move freely in their grooves. Then be sure to change the oil at 2,000 miles. Examine the spark plug. This creates an odor that comes through the vents, Valve seals also help prevent oil from entering the combustion chamber. 1. Because oil is present to lubricate the seals and keep them pliable, some oil will burn during combustion. Once excessive oil consumption has been determined, little can be done to effectively reverse the problem. One dosage of this product is guaranteed to stop smoking and oil burning. When you tip it up with the spark plug pointing down, that lets oil get into the combustion chamber and the air intake, causing the engine to smoke. It’s not only uncomfortable but it can also endanger the person sitting in the car. said that is NORMAL!! to consume kia engines a 1/4 oil every 3000 miles, they dont want to help me with this issue. Keep a good oil in it and keep a close eye on the oil Engine Oil Stop Leak Additives. For about 3 months it is burning oil like crazy. The thing is that oil burns. Oil takes a long time to burn off, specially if it gets mixed with water at all (think moisture). The oil leak will distribute oil outside of the engine and typically onto other engine components that are very hot. Or it could be burning oil which MAY be visible from the exhaust . If oil drips onto the exhaust manifold, it’s going to result in smoke coming from the engine area. It also creates an awkward smell and is not good for your health to breath in. If the oil is burning, then it's not effectively doing its job. You can check the oil by letting the engine warm up, and turning it off and letting it sit so the oil can collect at the bottom. 0 V6 (1MZ) burning oil – diagnostic tips and repair In the late 90s and into the early 2000s Toyota and Lexus introduced a revised version of the 3. Based on your description, it’s possible that there are multiple areas where you are losing oil. A leak can adversely affect oil levels, and if not checked, can drain enough oil to do internal engine damage. That should keep those key parts from being deprived of the oil they need to work correctly. However, if you are smelling burning oil in the interior of your car, then the  As the engine heats up, it will start burning oil faster as it will need to keep the cylinder walls, bore and crankcase adequately lubricated. By changing the oil, marking the exact level, and having the owner return at a predetermined mileage CARspec can advise the owner on the best course of action. 7L with 140,000 miles. - Answered by a verified Technician. The decarbs rarely help for some reason. If six quarts of oil is the minimum for the O-470 then I need to know how much oil the engine uses per unit of endurance (an hour of operation). it used to just No, the oil filter only filters the oil of any contaminates. PCV valve location, inspection, removal, and replacement. Burning through oil due to turbocharger? 37 Answers Had the MINI almost 2 months and the oil light comes on, when checked the oil is low. Engine oil leak repair cost is one of those things that is impossible to plan for in the maintenance of your vehicle. purchased it with 20k miles. Shouldn't have any issues in the summer with it, especially in hot & humid Arkansas. Keep a spare bottle of 10-30 weight oil with you at all times and fill up as needed. And it is an engine oil treatment with anti-wear and co-polymers, with conditioning to stop thee loss of oil pass worn rings and valves - the areas deep inside so costly to fix by repair. If neither is the case, look around the engine for oil leaking onto the engine block or exhaust manifold. Just make sure to keep the first 1,200 miles under 100mph and 4,500 RPM. Then, get in the habit of checking the oil level every week or so and topping it off. that equals out to 1. For any of the above symptoms CARspec recommends a guest begin an oil consumption test to monitor the exact amount of oil being burned by the engine. Simple fix? Not really. It has appeared to solve the issues of no power or very sluggish power and seems to be running very very well (touch hairy wood). You may also be burning some oil due to poor valve seals. Switching to a heavier viscosity motor oil may also help reduce oil consumption. Lots of blow-by that forces oil and lots of crankcase gasses past the PVC valve and into the intake manifold. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The oil becomes dirty in a short period of time which indicates blow by past the compression rings. OK, updating my test with my 2006 127k mile engine burning oil. They replaced the "O" ring on the dipstick, and recommended that I use engine oil additives to stop the oil consumption. Your car is actually just burning the oil as it is supposed to do,  9 Oct 2019 for the 5. com/products/engine-oil-additives/high-mileage-oil-stabilizer# worn engines can benefit from a product ratio of 60 to 100% to delay or eliminate dry starts and oil burning - maximizing efficiency, reducing harmful emissions  26 Jan 2017 Schedule an oil change appointment online or stop by Tires Plus today! burning smell and smoke coming from your engine…and the oil light  4 Sep 2018 Motor oil has a very important role to play when it comes to your car working properly. It is burning about 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. Still shouldn't burn that much oil just cause you're using vtec. 11 Jul 2013 This failed to eliminate the problem. Watch Out The Smoke Colors. I know it works as I have seen it first hand. It's really not that uncommon for some vehicle's to burn or lose some oil between changes While oil burning is a relatively common problem, manufacturers don’t provide uniform guidance on this issue, so what might be normal for one engine could be excessive for another. Valves control the air-fuel mixture intake and the exhaust gas release. The hard deposits can lead to misfire, poor fuel economy and a noticeable drop in performance. Per the manufacturer’s recommendation, vehicle owners should use no more than 1. Never take oil from the bottom of the barrel where you store your drained oil, and never dump anti-freeze or coolant of any kind or brake fluid, or gasoline or any solvent into it. The real problem is that the engine was burning oil. The colors of the tailpipe smoke are good signs to detect the type of oil coming out of exhaust problem. -Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak -Wynns Stop Leak. A favorite of those with turbocharged engines, Pennzoil helps protect against LSPI (Low Speed Pre-Ignition). It is consistently burning 3-4 quarts of oil per oil change. I have a 05 Cavalier that is burning oil quite rapidly. After decades of reminding owners to change engine oil every 3,000 miles, engine and oil technologies now allow for up to six month or 6,000-mile maintenance intervals. 31 Aug 2018 Blue smoke is a clear sign telling your car engine is burning oil. CAMRY BURNING OIL FIX, How To STOP a Car or Truck From SMOKING at STARTUP - Duration: Fix an Oil BURNING Engine for 4 dollars DIY With Michael Borders. features & benefits of Wynn's Stop Smoke Oil Treatment. If these  7 Dec 2017 Audi 2. The BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is intended for leaks that are seeping or lightly dripping. Cars keep getting bigger and heavier. Acidic problem. One of them is preventing friction between your engine rods (you know, those important   28 May 2015 If you are seeing smoke coming from your exhaust, what color is the smoke? If it's blue, then it's oil. The professional-grade formula is a unique blend of synthetic polymers combined with premium seal Smelling burning engine oil is common on the 1990-2002 Honda Accord 4-cylinder engine, and is associated with oil leaking from the valve cover. The mot examiner will rev your car at 2500 rpm for 1 minute. Is there any additives i can add to my engine to help stop it from burning so much oil? My engine is burning oil. This smoke should not be confused with White Smoke you will see when a car first starts up. , would tend to dilute PCV function and could increase oil consumption. On It may have an oil leak or you it could be burning oil during the ignition cycle. Leaks should be corrected immediately. My lawn mower is burning oil. A clogged up pvc valve or breather cap  Dozens of problems can cause engine oil burning. this video will show you how to stop burning oil in your car with this simple cheap effective part that cost as little as 10 bucks on most cars. Check the vtec sylenoid gasket, cam seals, vavle cover gasket, spark plug gromets, oil pan gasket, and if no leaks then most likely you are in need of piston rings and vavle stem seals. Some of the first patented oil stop leaks were no more than castor oil and ground nut shells. Step 4. It removes carbon from turbochargers, allowing full turbo speed and air delivery. The 1999 Saturn SL2 has 7 problems reported for engine is burning oil and smoking. This can be due to a leaking gasket or a faulty seal. Oil burning seems to be about 1 quart 1500 miles or so. e. applications allows this oil film to be burned away during combustion, whereas synthetic  30 Jun 2015 Consumer Reports believes that any engine that burns oil between changes should be repaired under the powertrain warranty. Now I read a few places that in 2008 there were quite a few 5. Change the oil and oil filter when needed. Any type of air leak into the engine from the oil filler cap, dipstick, valve cover, etc. A lawsuit claimed that Honda produced 1,593,755 vehicles that excessively burn oil and need frequent spark plug changes, and hid it from consumers: A systematic design defect that enables oil to enter into the engine’s combustion chamber. You may be running out of oil or your engine may be overheating, and your temperature gauge may be broken. Both would indicate the oil is being burned off in the engine. There are  The oil itself is a special blend of high-quality oils in with the engine oil, the additives prevent oil from burning  Some things to keep in mind when servicing oil. Piston rings that function normally work with oil to seal combustion gasses off from the bottom half of the engine. You’re obviously burning oil. You are getting carbon buildup in the engine causing the oil rings to stick in their grooves. If you see oil smoke on start up and after the car has been sitting for hours, Oil filters: Your note about some oil leakage at the oil filter housing would point to a common leak of the seal between the oil filter housing and the engine block, on the M54 6-cylinder engines. It's burning oil because the rings and valves are worn, stop leak won't fix that. WITH F1 ENGINES HAVING 5l A RACE DRINKING HABIT, FINGERS ARE STARTING preventing too much oil passing up past the oil control ring on the piston. If engine oil gets in the combustion chamber it will burn, possibly in amounts small enough not to produce telltale blue smoke in the exhaust, There are two things that can be done with engines that burn or use oil. After 2 OCI with MMO added to the oil, it has not improved the oil burning. I never seen any indication that it was burning it, it never smoked, not even on start up but it was going somewhere. 0 TFSI Engine Oil Consumption – Correction of oil to leak round the pistons into the cylinders, where it burns and therefore to immediately stop, but you should add a litre of correct grade oil as promptly as you can. Bert is absolutely correct, disassembly of the block may bring about the rest of this story. The engine will run rough, because oil doesn’t burn properly in the cylinders. Is It Easy to Fix an Engine that's Burning Oil? If you’ve Googled “How to fix my car burning oil”, you know it isn’t usually an easy fix. To my surprise the oil burning has stopped. Then remove the dipstick, clean it with a rag, and reinsert it. An oily, wet or sooty spark plug terminal is a sign of oil burning. There are valve seals to prevent this oil from flowing into the engine. Oil is integral to ensuring that a vehicle's engine runs smoothly. This high oil pressure could be due to a faulty setting on the vehicle’s central computer. Once added, it starts to work within 15 minutes of driving or idling the vehicle. The only time I see blue smoke out my exhaust is when I floor it from a dead stop as the car shifts into 2nd and 3rd gear (specifically when the RPMs drop, the smoke comes out). In this case, the crankcase could become pressurized with blowby and force oil past the oil control rings into the combustion chamber. Why Does My Subaru Use Oil? For this article I am focusing on oil consumption and not external leaks from the engine, meaning if you check your oil, find it low, it’s not due for an oil change and there are no major visible leaks found with your engine, than this article applies. It could be due to various causes, so the cures are very different: If it smokes just for a few seconds on startup, that’s likely to be valve seals, so you replace the valve seals, not a complex operation on most engines. Just let it burn unless its excessive IE more that 1 qt in 1000 miles. Blue smoke at high revving, then on the 5th – 10th revving the blue smoke disappears (except for diesel); Specific oil consumption on the highway is less than in the city. This oil pools inside the valve cover as it slowly drips back inside the engine via “drain back holes” inside the cylinder head, then it cycles up to the valve train again. They keep telling me it has to be 4-6 visits then they will check with the  14 Aug 2017 Frustrated with how quickly your car is burning through oil? may appear in the Driver Information Center: 'Oil Pressure Low – Stop Engine. Look for oil that may have been spilt on the engine or exhaust manifold during the oil change. remove the spark plugs and pour 2 oz. Engine oil leaks from the valve cover, drains down, and settles on the exhaust manifold, which burns the oil upon contact due to high exhaust gas temperatures. Started using alot of oil. When this occurs, a burning oil smell will occur. If your still sure there are no leaks, you can put a filter cloth in or wrap around the final exhaust port in the tail end where the pipe is not too hot, a cloth filter should withstand 452F and the tail pipe at the very end is not that hot. Low engine oil can cause a blown motor or seized engine. The engine of my car has been burning through oil so fast. As the engine continues  27 Oct 2018 How do I know if my engine is burning oil? The valves have seals to keep the oil from flowing into the combustion chamber, but once the  8 Feb 2019 If Your Car Smells Like Acrid Smoke Or Burning Oil If the smell persists and you haven't been driving in stop-and-go traffic or on long  When the engine oil runs low, what remains will slowly start to burn. Excessive oil in the exhaust can cause your catalytic converter to overheat or fail. ok and Nevada are right about the problem likely being internal, like valve seals and rings, but I’d try one more thing. As a starting point, it’s essential to know how much oil your engine is burning. One common problem seen in the 5. Oil Consumption Class Action Lawsuit. The car is not leaking oil. 1 quart a month. This oil will likely fall on the cylinders and get burnt up. Only 3 ways for that to happen 1) blowby gases -Getting a catchcan will solve that one 2) bad piston rings -major engine repairs to solve that one 3) oil leaking thru the valve guides- intermediate engine repairs to solve that one. facebook But that doesn’t mean your oil doesn’t need checking and that oil consumption doesn’t happen. Looks good inside and out but has begun to show its age in the engine performance department. I would clean the air filter and the breather tube to eliminate that problem. Depending on the wear-and-tear on your vehicles, you may be able to get away with having the rings cleaned and getting a replacement valve cover that will seal again. How to Stop a Car From Burning Oil Step 1. FTC Decarbonizer. Just keep changing the oil and ensure it stays above the min quantity mark. If it burning oil while its running its the wiper Drain all oil and fuel, spray into combustion chamber(piston at top), screw plug back in quick, and position mower so piston top is down at earth. Turbo was blowing oil and as a result was replaced with a brand new mitsubishi one from citroen and fitted as per the citroen procedure. Not only will this product stop your car from burning oil, but it can also be used  Oct 16, 2019 When this happens, they may no longer prevent oil from gaining entry to the combustion chambers, leading to oil burning within the engine  Jun 24, 2016 In a very few cases, engines burn oil not because they are have worn out parts but because they need routine service. Use the weight recommended in the owner’s manual or on the oil filler cap. FTC (in the fuel) improves blowby control, emissions, oil control and compression by removing cylinder glaze and top ring carbon. Smoke from the engine. It removes carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, letting the engine breathe better. We replaced the crankcase filter and oil filter last night but the "warn engine " light stayed on and the "stop engine " light kept coming on ever couple miles. In fact, Chrysler considers oil consumption of up to one quart every 500-2,000 miles to be normal under certain conditions. Check the Oil Regularly. How To Stop Oil Burning In Your Car, Truck, Boat Or Tractor! Keep Old Cars Running Long Past Their Prime-----Thanks for choosing to read this report. Time will tell. Check the tightness of the valve cover bolts. If applied on time, XL Nanonlube will increase horsepower output, reduce engine blow-by, reduce oil burning, and eliminate engine smoke. My daughter is driving an Infiniti Q45. If it only puffs blue smoke on startup, and on deceleration, more than any other time, you might be able to get away with just removing the cylinder head and having that overhauled. Otherwise, oil can enter the combustion chamber and burn. On the downstroke, the rings scrape excess oil off the cylinder wall into the crankcase. Raise the car hood if you smelled burning oil while driving the car. Vehicles equipped with the 4. THE NEW HEAL-A-SEALTM ENGINE OIL STOP BURN IS IN FACT A DIFFERENT TYPE OF ENGINE OIL SEALER - AND OIL STOP LEAK - AS IT IS SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO STOP OR SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE INTERNAL ENGINE OIL LEAKS, AND ON ANY ENGINE - GASOLINE OR DIESEL, WITH ANY KIND OF OIL, INCLUDING THE SYNTHETIC TYPES! If applied on time, XL Nanonlube will increase horsepower output, reduce engine blow-by, reduce oil burning, and eliminate engine smoke. Since the engine's still got good power and it still gets good fuel economy, my guess is the oil burning problem isn't coming from worn cylinders or rings. 2 ounces of AR9100 for every quart of regular engine oil. Rev the engine up and down several times with your own car and look at what is coming out the tailpipe and I think you will discover that same cloud of blue smoke, indicating oil burning. There can be a compression issue within your engine that is causing it to burn oil. I took it to the Toyota dealership this past Friday. Burn the engine at high speed Engine repair. The only way to reduce oil consumption is through routine maintenance with the BG Performance Oil Change. I have a 2008 mini cooper S (R56 S) displeased with the engine oil consumption. The lovely thing about LiquiMoly is that it does not affect the properties of your engine oil. Another great high mileage motor oil. I am currently having problems such as burning oil. I have a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse with the 1. It really does not smell very good and is not good for your health to breath in. . Oil smoke on 3/4 to full throttle under load indicates piston ring or cylinder bore wear. This is one of the best oil additives for lifter noise due to its ability to dampen the noise caused by worn hydraulic lifters. posts on the net mentioned bad catalytic converter. Switching to a high mileage oil the next time you chaage oil may help reduce oil leaks and burning. Needed a liter every 500km. Burning oil won't necessarily cause you to fail an emissions test. Use a product called Restore. There are five common causes for burning oil smell in cars. Most of the time it doesn't do anything. -Inspect the spark plugs. This Cadillac standard applies to vehicles with less that 50,000 miles. Also Oil catch can thanks to JAnTube for the As the oil ages and sits in the tank over winter, the lubricating components will break down and lose their efficacy, which will cause the engine to heat up and burn through more oil. Or It will destroy the injector pump. Castrol GTX High Mileage motor oil is a blend of traditional motor oil and a series of special additives to make it more suitable for high mileage engines. After filling it back to the proper level runs fine but a couple weeks later same issue comes up again. How to stop oil burning toro snowblower - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. . due to oil burning; Especially effective in older engines with worn components. An engine that is burning oil will foul the spark plugs, causing it to run rough. Are the valve seals the likely culprit? If not, why else could this bike be burning oil? Would a mechanic, upon breaking open the engine, be able to say definitively whether the valve seals or piston ring or anything else are at fault? What would the ball-park cost for replacing the valve seals and piston ring be? (closer to $200 or $500?) If it's burning oil then it maybe rings, maybe a ring is stuck. High Oil Pressure – When there is high oil pressure, oil will flood through the engine in excessive amounts. Oil Leaks If an oil leak develops somewhere in the lubricating system or in the engine, while it may not be visible, this will cause your lawnmower to burn through oil more quickly. Any help would be  An oil leak high up on the engine, like a leaking valve cover, could leak onto a lower part of the engine and burn away, not leaving any visible trace. It has 165,000 miles on it. When oil leaks it typically attracts dirt, so watch for greasy stains in the area around or beneath gasket seams and seals. how to stop engine from burning oil

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